1999 Cosalt Capri 35 x 12 FREE UK DELIVERY


Cosalt Capri Additional Information

A Cosalt Capri 1999 model 35ft X 12ft, 3 bedrooms, gas run. Caravan must be viewed, project condition sold as seen. There are no Warranty's or guarantees with this second hand caravan. Contact for more information Call 01529 306098 Postcode NG34 8GL. FREE UK WIDE TRANSPORT OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK Transportation. We offer free uk delivery That includes the following Delivering the static caravan to a safe position to do so. This doesn’t include siteing the caravan And positioning with a 4x4 that is an extra Charge of £350 to £500 depending on the location of the property or site in question We don’t offer a craning service This is something you need to sort out As a customer before delivery can be made to your selected area If your ensure of the access of your Proberty we offer a site survey service At an extra charge of £150 this includes One of are siteing team coming to view Your access and area where the caravan Needs to be delivered and positioned If you buy a caravan from us You get the £150 site survey taken off The price of the caravan you purchase.

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